5 Reasons Why ExpressVu Sucks

Date February 2, 2008

I live in a condo building that provides Bell ExpressVu to all the units in the building at no additional cost (I’m paying for it through condo fees). We used to have ExpressVu for Condos which I didn’t mind, but I’m guessing they switched to regular Expressvu in order to get HD content.

Now, I don’t have HD so I didn’t really care when they switched. I was actually excited to get a PVR with the deal. My enthusiasm was short lived.

Here are 5 reasons in no particular order why ExpressVu sucks:

1. It’s SLOW. Don’t ask me why they call it ExpressVu… it takes up to 2 seconds to change from one channel to the next. Channel surfing is impossible, instead you will inevitably memorize your favorite channel numbers and jump directly between them. Even bringing up the menus is like waiting for molasses in February, which brings me to the next reason.

2. Bad GUI. The graphical user interface is slow, cumbersome and ugly. The GUI has not changed (it seems) since ExpressVu first came out. It is incredibly SLOW to browse the channel guide, and pulling up a system menu will mute the audio (why???).

3. Channel Lineup. If I ever meet the person who organized the channel listing for ExpressVu I’ll punch him in the face. For example, they put tens of channels dedicated to pay per view or sports that are off-air 99% of the time right between the big networks and the news channels. Even if you could channel surf (see #1), you’d have to surf through this desert of off air channels.

4. Reliability. Because ExpressVu relies on a satellite dish to pick up the signal, it is prone to bad weather, interference from objects such as trees, neighboring buildings, snow/dirt buildup, etc. Basically anything in-between the satellite and your dish will degrade the quality and interrupt your signal. These signal interruptions always seem to occur right at the worst possible moment when a key piece of dialog is being spoken. Of course this is total coincidence… or is it?

5. Bundles. ExpressVu seems to think that because you want to pay a little extra for a specific channel, you’re willing to pay a bit more for a bunch of similar channels. They only offer bundles of channels for you to subscribe to. To me, this is just a waste. Get into the 21st century and let us choose only the channels we want, and skip the others.

I should note that ExpressVu for Condos had a few improvements (though it lacks HD content). Because it uses a fibre optic link rather than satellites and dishes, the reliability is much better and is not affected by weather or your neighbor’s tree. This also improves the speed of channel surfing too. Maybe it’s because it’s a bit newer, but I also thought the GUI was a bit better but not by much.

3 Responses to “5 Reasons Why ExpressVu Sucks”

  1. Jay Park said:

    this is so f**king true, i hate these guys so fricking much. especially how the channels stop working cause of the signal, how shitty can you get

  2. Greg Granger said:

    You forgot 3 other reasons why Bell ExpressVu sucks:

    1) Their 30-day cancellation policy. Even though you don’t want their service, you still have to pay for it for 30 days even if you’re not using it.
    2) Support sucks! Their iPhone app has never been updated, and doesn’t support the 6131 (single tuner DVR).
    3) Expensive! I got the same package on my local cable provider for 33% less than Bell ExpressVu.

    I have to agree with points 2 & 3. Their channel lineup is a jumbled mess. PPV is all over the place, and it doesn’t make sense half the time how they group their channels.

    Congrats, Bell! After being a long-standing, loyal customer of BEV (2 1/2 years), I’ve finally given them the double “middle-finger”.

  3. Peter said:

    Bell ExpressVu sucks for all the reasons mentioned above, and most of all, their customer service is probably the worse I’ve seen from any television service provider I’ve dealt with! My advise to anyone: don’t subscribe to Bell ExpressVu, but instead stick with fiberop or cable TV. You will be much better off for so many reasons!

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