Infiniti EX35 — First Impressions

Date February 27, 2008

I had my first close-up look at an Infiniti EX35 today, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.  This thing has good looks, tons of power, all wheel drive and gadgets galore!

I didn’t get a test drive, but since the body is based on the G35 and even has the same powerful 297hp  v6 engine, I’m guessing it would have a very similar feel.

The interior was quite nice and refined.  It was dusk when I saw the car (I’m going to say it’s closer to a car than it is a truck) and the gauges were nicely lit in white and blue.  I’m a big fan of Infiniti’s colour scheme; I can’t stand red gauges and buttons found on some other cars.

I got a brief demo on the around view (aka bird’s-eye view) system and Infiniti sure did some nice work on this.  Using four cameras, the system builds a 360° image of the surroundings.  It really is amazing to see in action.  A larger rear view display is also present when reversing, and virtual guides are overlaid to indicate where the car will go based on the steering angle.  This is pretty handy in tight spaces, though I’m not sure I’d need it especially considering this option requires the highest option package.  This package includes lane departure prevention and intelligent cruise control, which although very cool, are things I’ll probably not need.

It was a very brief demo, but I was quite impressed.  I’ll definitely have to take this one out for a real test drive!

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