RAWPixels has gone Live!

Date February 21, 2008

The paint is dry, and the renovations are finished!  My photoblog has undergone some renovations but they’re all done now.  It even has a fancy new name: RAWPixels

I’m in the process of migrating photos from the old photoblog, but this will take some time so bear with me.

The new site includes some new features such as:

  • Photo ratings – Feel free to rate my photos if you like or dislike them.  Just click on the stars in the upper right corner.
  • Image Info – Although I was fairly diligent in stating the major image properties in the old site (focal length, aperture, ISO), this site will do it automatically and will provide even more info.
  • Thumbnails in RSS feeds – I’m done with polluting your RSS readers with humongous images. This site now provides smaller thumbnails in the RSS feeds.

Expect the site to become more refined over time as I tweak it.  I value any feedback you might have about it, so please let me know.

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