It’s snow record. Not yet anyway…

Date March 10, 2008

Winter in the ParkThis winter has, by far, been the snowiest I’ve seen here in Toronto.  In fact, it’s almost the snowiest on record, reports the Toronto Star.  Even after last weekend’s tempest, we’re still short.  According to the Star:

“…Toronto remains 17.8 centimetres short of the all-time snowiest winter in recorded history, when 207.4 centimetres fell during the winter of 1938-39.”

We’ve put up with so much already, I think it would be a shame to not break the record seeing as we’ve come so close.  I’m sure I’m in the minority saying that, but hey, I’m a winter kind of guy!

Since ’02 when I first moved to Toronto I’ve grown accustomed to green/brown Christmases and the associated ugly, dirty yards, streets and sidewalks, and just a miserable “winter” in general.  This supports my general maxim for winter: if it’s going to be cold out, there might as well be snow–and lots of it.

Snow is good.  Having snow on the ground covers up the mess of winter and generally makes things more scenic.  It hides garbage (temporarily), and it muffles the ambient noise of the city. If you’re a kid, you can hope for a few snow days and stay home from school.  If you’re a grown-up, you can hope for snow days and stay home from work (which shouldn’t be a big deal in this new age of telecommuting–but that’s another post).

And let’s not forget the activities fresh snow offers, especially if you’re young at heart.  You can go tobogganing, skiing, snowshoeing, have snowball fights, build snow forts and the list goes on.  But what about all that shoveling, one might argue.  Well, what about it?  It gets you outside, exercising and enjoying the fresh air and will likely bring you closer to your neighbors (especially if you own a snow blower).  How is that bad?  It’s all good!

In my opinion, the purported “problems” people associate with snow are really quite trivial.  Yes, traffic seems to get worse after a snowfall, but you know what?  That happens when it rains too.  So how can you pin traffic problems on snow alone?  Roads may slipperier with snow before they’re plowed and salted, but winter tires are supposedly quite good these days.  And if you don’t have a set (like me) you really shouldn’t be complaining about how bad it is.

So maybe it’s just my Canadian blood, but I think a snowy winter is great!  If only I lived in Ottawa…

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