Date June 24, 2008

So I just recently came back from my third trip to NYC and figured I’d post some stuff from it.  Where to begin?  Well, might as well start at the beginning, I guess.

Before I left, I’d been reading up on geotagging and basically started wondering how people could survive without it.  I decided to take the plunge and buy some hardware to get me started.  I ended up buying the Gisteq Photo Trackr BT logger.  It basically just logs GPS coordinates and timestamps until it fills its memory. But I digress…

I took the logger with me to NYC and it did quite a good job.  It had some trouble in the urban canyons of Manhattan, but it was to be expected.  It even managed to log my flight from TO to NYC, see the pic below.

I’ve posted most of my photos (sans geotags unfortunately) to Fickr.  Check it here.

I should mention that the weather was HOT!!! and sunny each day I was there, which made the photos turn out quite contrasty for my liking.  The heat (or should I save record heat wave) and humidity also made it pretty hazy, so my landscape shots suffered a bit.  Oh well, c’est la vie!

Thanks to Arup and his points, and to me for my points.  It was a really good time and I did it for cheap too.  

All was good, except for the flight home.  After spending the better part of the afternoon sightseeing a bit more and bearing the 36° heat I finally headed to the airport to catch my 1 hr flight home.  I got there a bit ealy and managed to get a seat on an earlier flight which I thought was a blessing.  I was wrong.

Thanks to the air traffic controllers, our plane was not allowed to take off due to “airspace saturation”.  I guess too many planes were in there air or something.  Anyways, after 4 hours of waiting and an emotional rollercoaster of hope and it then being shattered a few times, our captain finally tells us that the flight is being cancelled due to incoming thunders storms.  Fantastic.  Long story short, all the hotels in the area were booked solid and I had to sleep in a chair at the airport until the next flight out at 6am.  That was a long day, and a damper on the trip, but it’s life experience, right?

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