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Energy and the Environment: A Time for Change

Date January 14, 2009

Environmental change has been on the forefronts of many people’s agendas for quite a while, and especially since Al Gore’s book An Inconvenient Truth was published.  This book seems to have highlighted the plight of the Earth in easy to understand ways that really hit home.  Of course there were criticisms of Gore’s book and […]

It’s snow record. Not yet anyway…

Date March 10, 2008

This winter has, by far, been the snowiest I’ve seen here in Toronto.  In fact, it’s almost the snowiest on record, reports the Toronto Star.  Even after last weekend’s tempest, we’re still short.  According to the Star: “…Toronto remains 17.8 centimetres short of the all-time snowiest winter in recorded history, when 207.4 centimetres fell during […]

Benefitting Humanity with Your Unused CPU Cycles

Date February 5, 2008

Did you know that you’re likely using only a small fraction of your computer’s processing power at any given time? It’s true, see for yourself: press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time and then click on the “Task Manager” button to bring up the Windows task manager. Under the Performance tab you’ll […]