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Bloom Energy – Not Replacing the Grid Any Time Soon

Date February 25, 2010

Bloom Energy just announced their Bloom Box today.  The Bloom Box is a fuel cell that consumes air and fuel (natural gas, methane, etc.) to produce electricity.  The box is apparantly cheap to produce (key component is sand used to make ceramic plates) and produces a lot of energy for its size (25W per plate). […]

Apple iPad – What’s the big deal?

Date February 3, 2010

Ever since Apple announced the iPad on Jan 27, the media and social networks have been buzzing with speculation and opinions about whether or not this new device will be a hit or a miss. But why are people giving it so much attention?  What’s the big deal? This idea isn’t new, tablet computers have been […]

Bypassing the Roadblocks to American Streaming Media

Date May 15, 2009

This post is intended to all you non-Americans out there… Have you ever wanted to watch that tv show you missed? Have you heard of Hulu? Hulu.com hosts many tv shows and allows users to stream the shows to their computer whenever they want. No more having to stay up late to catch your favorite […]

Microsoft’s DeepZoomPix.com = FAIL (Seadragon)

Date April 24, 2009

Microsoft has managed to do it again. They created something useful (and quite innovative I might add) and then went ahead and Microsoft-ized it. I’m talking about the PhotoZoom.com website that Microsoft used to have that helped showcase their Seadragon technology. PhotoZoom.com allowed users to upload their high resolution images to a server where it […]


Date April 4, 2009

I’ve been making a lot of panoramas lately, using Photoshop CS4’s panorama stitching feature (which works amazingly well, BTW).  The panoramas are quite huge, and show an immense amount of detail when zoomed in.  Unfortunately, you can’t tell when looking at an image that fits inside a web browser’s window.  The image might as well […]